Ceud Měle Fŕilte
(A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

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Thank you for a wonderful Scottish Week 2016.

Around the clans

Clan MacGillivray

Clan MacGillivray Society Australia 40th Anniversary Gathering, 30 October 2016
MacGillivray Hall, Bendigo TAFE, Bendigo

Anyone interested in attending this event should go to the Clan MacGillivray Society website for more details:

It is anticipated that the newly appointed Clan Commander from Scotland will be a special guest.

Members of Clan Chattan are very welcome.

Euan McGillivray
Contact: info {at}

[8 August 2016]


Clan Buchanan - 1000 years a clan (1016 - 2016)

The genesis of many Scottish clans arise in the mists of time. So too is the origin of the ancient Clan Buchanan. The clan’s seanachaidhs of old tell the story of the chiefly line dating back to Anselan Buey O’Kyan who left Ireland and landed in Argyll in 1016, the twelfth year of King Malcolm II. It is said that Anselan was of the Irish clan Ó’Catháin, a provincial king of north Ulster.

Contact: clan.buchanan {at}

[25 March 2016]


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[19 May 2016]

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