SAHC Membership

SAHC membership is open to all people of Scottish ancestry (individual or family), clan societies, businesses supporting the Scottish culture, and those who want to support and participate in Scottish Heritage.

For more information email the Membership Secretary:

Membership forms for 2024 (1 January to 31 December)

Sometimes, we get a payment into our bank account, but there is no identifying info to attribute it to a person. So, we would appreciate the new/renewal membership form be completed so that we can match it with the payment.

Also, an email to the Treasurer advising that the payment has been made is greatly appreciated:


The SAHC has changed the process to lodge new and renewing membership applications by using forms online.
The payment process remains the same via Electronic Funds Transfer from your bank account (preferred) or by cheque.

There are two forms. Please select the correct one for your circumstances below.

So that you know what is happening throughout this process, here are the steps that you will see:

Updated 2024 membership application/renewal form for Individuals, Families and Students will be available shortly (posted: 14 November 2023).

For Organisations (Clans and Family Societies/Associations) please use the following form.
Click on the following link and the form will open up in a new page and you can complete it online:

SAHC Clan & Associations Membership Form

If you need a form emailed to you, please email the Membership Secretary at: